Scheduling Management

Sigma Immobili offers comprehensive professional programme scheduling services to clients spanning diverse industries. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge program scheduling services that ensure your project's success, no matter its size or complexity.

Looking for experts to handle your project: Hire Sigma Immobili for effectiveness, professionalism and value addition.

Successful Projects Managed
in 10 years.

A Robust Approach

Our robust approach empowers clients to manage projects from concept to completion within set timelines and budgets. We identify and analyze risks, constraints, and delays that could affect project objectives, enabling us to forecast completion realistically. Initiating a schedule plan is crucial for determining the design, procurement, regulatory, construction, and labour requirements.

Technical compatibility

Our schedulers utilize advanced tools and systems compatible with various industries. We are skilled in software like Oracle Primavera Project Planner P6 and Microsoft Project and Program Risk Analysis. Our approach involves fully integrated master scheduling, which monitors all lifecycle stages, tracking key milestones, earned value, resource productivity, risk, and costs as needed.

Comprehensive Services

Sigma Immobili’s approach is comprehensive and incorporates;

  • An adequately represented project scope
  • A feasible baseline programme/schedule
  • Constructability review
  • Programme risk analysis
  • Programme schedule optimisation
  • Development of consistent project performance indicators
  • Earned value analysis to monitor budgets and project progress
  • Forensic analysis for time-related disputes
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